For many people making the decision or being advised to seek psychological counselling can be difficult. Many people often comment that the hardest part was making the first appointment.

There may be worry and anxiety about picking up the phone and making a booking, which is actually normal. It can be challenging to think that we may need to seek help to sort through some challenges. This can make us feel anxious about whether or not our issue is a real issue or we are making it into something more than it is. There may be internal conflicting conversations with ourselves (we all have them) telling us that we don’t need to seek support, only people who are weak get psychological support.

Actually anyone can attend psychological therapy sometimes people come for one sessions sometimes for more.

The decision to come to start therapy to talk about things that feel overwhelming and challenging might feel really difficult.

So congratulations for starting to think about making an appointment and seeking support for your mental health.

It doesn’t matter if you have difficulty finding the words once the receptionist answers, they will guide you through the information you need to know. There is also information about what to expect prior to and in your first session here.

Furthermore there is information on what happens in your session on the website.

In addition to that if you have any questions you’re welcome to email the practice or call the reception staff again there are no silly questions we are here to help.

How to get a referral to a psychologist.

Referrals to a psychologist can be made through your doctor, discuss with them accessing a Mental Health Care Plan. They are common and the GP will give you a referral letter. Sometimes they fax through the referral letter to 9923 6982 to the psychology clinic they will let you know at the time of the appointment.

We also encourage people to self refer should they wish to make their own appointments. Please give us a call and make an inquiry about what it is that you’re looking for so our client relationship team can discuss that with you. You can contact us on  03 9118 2022.