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psychology in the Yarra Ranges

Counselling and equine assisted psychology for individuals looking for support in harnessing psychological wellness.

Welcome to Harnessing Wellness

Harnessing Wellness Psychology is a psychological counselling service located in the beautiful Yarra Ranges. 

We offer both traditional room based counselling and alternative experiential equine assisted psychology. We believe in offering solution focused practical evidence based psychological interventions to support mental health and wellness.

Client confidentiality, privacy, emotional and physical safety at Harnessing Wellness are paramount. Our staff are registered practitioners, who if offering equine assisted psychology have refined horsemanship skills and are trained in delivering animal-assisted interventions. Staff adhere to professional codes of conduct and ethics and are members of professional associations.

The therapy horses and ponies are well known to the facilitators and selected based on temperament. They have ongoing training, daily equine-human interaction and participate in learning activities. Horses will revert to their natural instincts to keep themselves safe and there are risks involved when working with horses. 

5 Times You Should Consider Seeing A Psychologist

With mental health awareness becoming more prominent in today’s society, the importance of psychologists is now widely known. Psychologists are highly trained professionals who have studied how we think, feel, learn and behave. Everyone goes through difficult periods...

What is Equine Assisted Therapy And How Can It Help?

If you’ve experienced a traumatic incident or require a psychologist for another reason, Equine Assisted Therapy might be a suitable option for you.   What is Equine Assisted Therapy? Equine assisted therapy(or Equine Assisted Psychology) encompasses all...


As a registered Psychologist, I believe my work is a privilege. I have worked in a variety of settings including disaster recovery, education, organizational psychology and private practice. The variety of work has provided experience working with people  suffering mental health symptoms from life events, grief and loss, domestic violence, bullying,  workplace burnout and vicarious trauma.


I believe in offering practical psychological evidence based interventions so people can apply these strategies in their daily life. Continuing education is of significant importance and I have advanced studies in Child and Family Development (certified by CCFD); Perinatal and Postnatal counselling; Disaster Recovery; Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP), Sensori- Motor Psychotherapy and I am currently training in Somatic Experiencing. Key interests of mine are psychological wellness, resilience, post trauma recovery and growth, attachment and research. 

I am registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia; a member of the General Division of Psychological Practise; Australian Association of Psychologists Inc.; Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia (CIMA); and the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment.  The Co-founder and Director of the Equine Assisted Psychologists Association (EAPA), an organisation supporting registered psychologists offering Equine Assisted Psychology.

Why partner with horses?

In 2010, Naomi was contracted to write and deliver an experiential trauma informed equine assisted therapy alternative to room based counselling for those affected by bushfires in Victoria. The before and after group assessment’s inferred an increase in well-being and coping for the majority of participants in the  eight week program period. Naomi has been working in,  researching and presenting on equine assisted therapy programs ever since.  



As the staff at Harnessing Wellness are registered psychologists and trained in horsemanship, equine assisted psychology sessions are theoretically underpinned by psychological theory and evidence based interventions; Wellness theory; trauma sensitive practices and holistic horsemanship to support safe mental health and well-being.

Sessions are generally at liberty with the horses. This approach is a way of being, not a training method, and is about the presence, free choice, flow and communication between the horses and the participant.  Equine-human interactions with our therapy horses and ponies offer lessons in mindfulness, self–respect, clear communication, connection, self-regulation and healthy boundary setting can be explored.

Harnessing Wellness EAP programs offer a practical psychological counselling option for individuals to participate in therapy emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

Psychology & Counselling

What thoughts and behaviours are no longer working?  Psychological counselling can provide an emotional safe place to explore barriers to improving mental health. 

Therapeutic Group Programs

Psychological therapeutic group programs are offered to support specific challenges. Groups are confidential & kept small for a personal integrated approach.

Equine Assisted Psychology

The Liberty Equine Therapy (LET) is a psychology program developed from eight years of experience in researching, writing & facilitating equine assisted therapy.

Equine Therapy Training & Advisory

For psychologists and professionals interested in furthering their knowledge of requirements and training methods of therapy equine horses, donkeys or ponies.



Room based Psychological Counselling

Psychologists are trained in areas of human development, behavior and mental processes such as thinking, feeling and memory. Practical psychological counselling begins with talking about what is bothering you, and then exploring strategies to support you in these current challenges.


Therapeutic Group Programs

Therapeutic group programs are offered for support around specific challenges. The groups are confidential and kept small for a personal integrated approach. For example:
Stress management, Anxiety Management, Mood Management


Equine Assisted Psychology (EAP)

Harnessing Wellness EAP is a therapeutic program developed from eight years of experience in researching, writing and facilitating equine assisted therapy groups for individuals, family, and couples.
The EAP program offered at Harnessing Wellness is developed and theoretically underpinned by positive psychology, wellness theory, trauma sensitive practices, mindfulness and holistic horsemanship to support client growth and well-being.


Therapy Equine Training & Advisory Service

This professional training program, including a competencies framework and legal issues, will take you through the levels of knowledge ethics, holistic well-being and skills for choosing and working with the therapy equine. The program overviews the steps and levels of horse psychology and behaviour and how this key knowledge is the basis for equine co-facilitators in equine assisted psychology interventions. For the program, a holistic horsemanship trainer will be invited to work with you and teach your  chosen therapy horse. The outcome will be that you will have a more sound understanding of the demands of equine therapy on the therapy horse, and be better equipped to risk manage and assess the Equine assisted psychology sessions.

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