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Growing a psychology, or equine assisted therapy business ? Looking for professional clinical supervision? We do both.
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Business Coaching

As a driven psychologist, counsellor, social worker or mental health care worker , you understand that running and growing your business requires razor-sharp focus. Developing strong decision-making skills is just that a skill.  We know it isn’t always easy. We have a proven process that helps psychologists set-up their own equine assisted psychology practice: Increased team engagement and improved culture, all while creating the lifestyle of your choice.

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Practical how to

If you are interested into introducing equine-assisted psychology into your clinical work, we can take you through the how-to of introducing this powerful service offering into your practice, whilst addressing the underlying theoretical framework which defines Equine Assisted Psychology.
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Evidence based approach

As a Psychologist first and foremost, Naomi is acutely aware of the ethics behind ensuring an evidence-based approach to implementing Equine Assisted Psychology as part of mainstream psychological interventions.
Equine Assisted Therapy


Since 2010 Naomi has been working and training with horses to work with them in therapy with people. Her experience has enabled her to write ‘Hoofprints for setting up a equine assisted therapy clinical’. She has learnt the hard way and is here to help you not make the same mistakes. She is passionate about horses and working with them and keen to share her knowledge with you. 

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Clinical Supervision

Harnessing Wellness offers clinical supervision to psychology, social work and counselling professionals and students. Naomi Rossthorn has completed the Australian Psychological Society’s Board Supervisor training and is an approved by Psychology Board of Australia to offer supervision. Naomi is a down to earth and practical supervisor who is goal focused and enjoys working with people to support self reflection for self development and growth as a professional. Please email or contact the office to make a time to discuss your supervision needs further.
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Professional Development in Rapport, Assessment, Psychological Evidence based interventions, DIagnosis and Client CAre.

 Learning to become a mental health professional is based on rapport building skills, and learning the fundamentals of clinical assessment, treatment plans and psychological interventions. All these skills are the based and foundation to your clinical skills and client care. 

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Reflective PractiCe

  Reflective practice is an essential skill to develop and can be used in any area of life. In supervision it is part of your professional and personal development. It helps us review past actions and situations. It also allows us to review and explore our emotional responses, and actions and reflect on the process and into the future.

The end goal is to improvement as a mental health professional in service delivery for people, their families and carers, and enhanced job satisfaction for psychologists.  Supervision is not a therapeutic relationship but  a professional one and somethings it is productive for professional learning to access personal therapy.  We all have them. 

Equine Assisted Therapy

Professional Ethics: Personal, Professional and CLient Care

Australian Psychologist’s have a strict code of ethics.  APS Code of Ethics is a requirement of registration as a psychologist in Australia. 

The Australian Association of Social Workers has a key code of ethics for social workers. 

All those wishing to register with key associations and become psychologists and social workers, during your supervision and training ethics is an integral part of your learning as it will guide and assist you make many professional and person decisions during your career. 

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