About Us

Psychological counselling for individuals looking for support in harnessing wellness.

About Harnessing Wellness

Harnessing Wellness Pty Ltd is a private psychology practice in the beautiful town of Mount Evelyn, in the Yarra Ranges. It is a solution focused, mental health, wellness and therapeutic service. We offer psychology, counselling, telehealth counselling options and equine assisted psychology.

About Naomi

Welcome, I am Naomi, an author and the Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist of Harnessing Wellness Psychology. I believe my work as psychologist is a privilege. Building rapport with clients is the basis of the therapeutic process and without it harnessing wellness may be difficult. Since 2010, I have been working with horses in equine assisted psychology. The therapy horses and ponies I work with have become part of my journey and learning.

The children’s books I have written are based on the real life therapy horses and ponies, Trigger, Happy, Bailey, Bob and George and their unique characters. The herd tell their story of mental health and how through their journey of psychological education and struggles, herd and self-care strategies emerge for all now and into the future.

Hoofprints for Setting up an Equine Assisted Therapy Clinic (due out late 2020) is ‘how to guide’ for equine assisted therapy, based on my learning and professional practise, over the last ten years. It has been a pleasure to bring these books to life, I do hope you enjoy them.

Why Choose Harnessing Wellness

We are person-centred service.

We listen to your concerns, challenges and the current issues making your life harder.

We are trained in evidenced based psychological interventions.

Our focus is working with people to increase their awareness of practical psychological solutions and find ways to improve mental wellness.

We draw on positive solution focused psychology, clinical psychological interventions and utilise the health and wellness framework.

The wellness framework includes exploring physical, social, emotional, intellectual areas of people’s lives as each area can impact the other.

We enjoy discussing practical psychological solutions to assist you.

Harnessing your mental wellness and by with a problem-solving approach to sorting out life’s various challenges.

We are a trauma informed service.

Trauma is a word used to describe something that overwhelms us and that in that moment we were not able to defend ourselves how we would have liked to.

We are a solution focused mental health service.

Therapy is a process of going through building emotional resilience to the discussing of issues and exploring alternative ways to live.